Life is not a dress rehearsal!!


In today’s fast paced world we have so many things we plan to get to and even more things we want to get to but we just don’t have enough time. These items may well be priorities but still not urgent enough for our immediate attention. And as the days go by, we realize we just didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted to do because we are over-committed.

We spread ourselves thin attempting to be well rounded and active in aspects of life to the point where things that are supposed to be fun feel like work. We have things that need to be done, things that should be done, things that we want to get done and the out of the blue, really didn’t need this task right now which MUST be done.   

Our plates are full and yet we continue to pile on more! I can do this, that shouldn’t take too long, I volunteered to do X,Y and Z. Instead of fully cherishing and appreciating the experiences, everything goes by in a blur because once we finish one thing, we are on to the next one.   

You realize you don’t know how to stop. You feel guilty when you try to pull back the reigns and obliged to help everyone even when it means putting yourself last. Or we humblebrag about our latest endeavor and upcoming event all the while feeling overwhelmed by our obligations.  

I keep finding myself in the same situation. Always saying to myself “next time I won’t offer or agree to handle everything.” Regretting the fact that I’m unable to do what I want because I have too many other things on my plate.  
And then it hit me, this stems from my need to always be in control and have things done the way that I want. them done. The only way I can stop being over-committed is to stop being so controlling. 
 How about you??

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