Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

My Re-birthday

On June 30, 2012 my life changed. This was the day I truly realized life was delicate, to be valued and appreciated and to be lived to the fullest. The event that triggered my wake up call happened Friday, June 29th when a thunderstorm (actually a derecho) turned my world upside down.

A 100ft oak tree in my backyard was struck by lightning and fell on my home and three cars. My kitchen and dining room were destroyed and two cars were completely crushed.

I called 911 when this happened and got a busy signal. I was in shock, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the event but somehow managed to go into survival/what do I need to do now mode. I remember crawling under the tree to leave my home while avoiding electric wires to get to safety. Everything else that happen was a blur.

And on Saturday, June 30th as we began cleaning up what we could and making temporary living arrangements, I remembered my family and I were in our kitchen moments earlier. We were all putting away food for our trip to the beach. Life was normal, talking, laughing, nagging and fussing – normal. But in an instant, things changed and while I came to grips with my material loss, I realized how close I was to losing the most important people in my life

I still cry when I think about how I took life for myself and my family for granted. So now, on June 30th, I reflect on life, how I can and do contribute to society, my family and friends, and if I’m doing everything possible cherish each moment. I think of June 30, 2012 as my re-birth because this was the day I realized that life is not a dress rehearsal.

Be blessed.


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