Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

It’s All In Perception

Do you ever feel as the the universe is conspiring against you? You start to work towards a goal but it feels as though you are being pulled farther away. Ever time you begin to build momentum, something happens in your life that you must focus on before you can get back in track. And after a few setbacks for whatever reason, your goal is placed on the back burner or you decide you have too many other things to handle or you give up.

But what would happen if you thought of each setback like the end of an action movie? The big build up because you are so close to reaching a breakthrough. What would happen if you thought of these hindrances as the finale obstacles that you must overcome before achieving your goal?

If you perceive challenges as a negative instead of opportunities to achieve more while working towards a goal, your attitude and approach will make be the boost that keeps you going forward.


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