Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

Grandpa Kiyosaki

I read and listen to self-help books often and will even am re-read my favorites several times a year to keep the message fresh. Some of my faves are from the Rich Dad series because they provide information that (I willingly admit) my parents were not aware of and therefore could not teach to me. See both of my middle class parents worked for the federal government in DC for over 30 years and receive healthy monthly pensions. Great for them but I must constantly remind myself that my path is different from theirs.  Which is why I listen to Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant every few months and also check out newer Kiyosaki titles from library. 

I’ve realized that I have to isolate the message from the writing.  Robert sounds like my grandfather and speaks as if its 1965. I laugh when I hear about not buying “do-dads.” Sometimes that’s also when the inner teenager in me wants to rebel from the message – because the tone feels like a parents lecture.  At 68 years old I wonder if the message is actually being heard by the Millennials or if he unintentionally still writes for baby-boomers. The message is more relevant now than ever before which is why I wonder how many other people don’t get it (the message). Kiyosaki’s preaching to the choir and for anyone younger than 40, sounds like cranky Pop-Pop.   

And this is why I haven’t given my kids any of these books to read. The basics discussed in these books are a good starting point for their real-world financial education.  But anyone with children between the ages of 14 and 23 knows that their kids already think they know everything or that you experiences doesn’t apply to them.  The generational gap between Kiyosaki and his rich dad is what will keep the message from getting to the people that need it most. 

So if anyone knows of a young, successful person who has actually accumulated wealth (and written about it), please let me know so I can read it and then give it to my kids.  I would definitely endorse a well written book.


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