Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

Back from the Beach

I just returned from a mini-vacation and I started to wonder why it takes days to decompress at the beginning of a vacation, but just seeing the subject line of one work related message immediately thrusts me into a stressed induced headache. It’s so hard to fully get out of work mode and go into a state of total relaxation.

My last day in the office usually entails a 4pm issue that must be resolved before I leave. Instead of organizing my workspace for my refreshed return, I’m usually stuffing any paper on my desk into a drawer and running out to try and beat traffic.

Then there’s the dreaded night before returning to the office. The anxiety of what I will return to and the overwhelming feeling that mountains were made out of mole hills while I was away.

Since my day job is within the corporate environment, I know there will always be a crisis du jour, I’ve got to play by the rules of someone else’s game and I’m ultimately replaceable. The changes I’ve made over the past few months by stepping outside of my comfort zone, I feel as though I’m turning a corner with my life, my career, my attitude and my social consciousness.

And during my recent time out of the office, I focused on the little things I can do daily and weekly to maintain the relaxed and refreshed vacation feeling. I was able to plan and goal-set in a relaxed environment. I felt inspired about my future and rejuvenation within my current job as well as my future aspirations.

I also realized that to keep and maintain the relaxed, vacation feeling, I needed to love what I do.


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