Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

5 Things to Remember So You’ll Stop Procrastinating Now

Have you ever been fed up with something in your life and decided to make a change?
- Of course.
Did you then decide on the change(s) you were going to make to accomplish your goal.
- Absolutely!
And then did you decide that you would start -tomorrow?

This is where so many of the best intentions are immediately sabotaged. If you don’t start immediately, like right now, something will come up. Something always comes up. Life happens and you (YOU) have to attend to that. Whatever it is that comes up for some reason takes priority and then you no longer have time for your goal. And after that, the worst thing of all happens – the catalyst for your change stops hurting so bad.

Procrastination is the enemy because if you don’t start the ball rolling, you goals will fall by the waist side. We will drop everything for others (our family, our boss, the one person that drives us crazy) and neglect ourselves.

To get past procrastinating, I’ve listed five things you need to remember to stay motivated and move towards accomplishing your goals.

1). Worst thing first, get it over with so everything else seems easier
2). Stop fearing failure and success, it’s keeping you from your best life
3). Stay determined and keep that fire burning – you wanted to make a change for a reason, don’t become complacent
4). Keep your eyes on the prize, don’t let your goal go to the back burner
5). Tomorrow is not guaranteed, simple but true

Decide right now to eliminate procrastination from your life. Some days require different techniques. Just remember, procrastination is the enemy within you.


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