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The Final Fight (Before the Happy Ending)


I feel like I’m in the midst of a fight scene towards the end of an action film. You know – when the star is getting pummeled but not giving up and still fighting. Lately I’ve been knocked down and as I begin to get up, I’ve been knocked down again. I realized that I truly must be getting closer to my goal because it feels like once I win this battle will be my happy ending which will be my new beginning.  

Over the past few months I have been working diligently to get my finances under control so I can go from negative to positive. Unfortunately the Universe has been throwing obstacles at me. Within the past 10 days my laptop has stopped working, my family room tv has gone up, I received an unexpected tax bill and my glass cooktop is cracked. WHY!?!?!??!?!? Little things that in quick succession could easily deplete my optimism in being a better person for a better life.

But I REFUSE to fall into a “woe is me, ain’t it awful” mindset. After all, I know am taking steps in the right direction. Which is why I realized these challenges remind me of the final battle in so many movies. After all, getting to this point has made me get out of my comfort zone, turn off the tv, do things I don’t want to do, focus on the importance of chasing my dreams and know that I determine my destiny.  

I’ve got my theme song on loop (Kill Bill: Battle Without Honour or Humanity) with the fan blowing my hair and my Don’t Mess With Me Walk cause I’m ready to do this. I’m ready and I know – I’m gonna make this look good.  

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