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Burned By Blind Acceptance

Burned By Blind Acceptance

Last week I thought I updated my iPad to the new 8.0.2 iOS – and lost almost everything because I didn’t back up my files. I learned the hard way that I put too much faith and blind acceptance into someone or something else. I didn’t have a contingency plan in place because I never had any issues previously and I assumed everything would be alright with the update.

I am usually the first person to complain when someone else does not have a back up plan in place and yet I was now in the same predicament. I had lost many of my ideas and private thoughts because I didn’t think I could lose them. I didn’t truly realize how important the random thoughts and big, bodacious ideas so hurriedly typed over the years into my iPad’s notes until they were all gone.

How often do we go through life taking the little things, including our thoughts, have we taken for granted. I know I didn’t always take precautions to protect my interests. Never having an issue in the past with my systems updates was no reason to assume that this would always be the case. Thoughts are important and often fleeting, if it was important enough to jot down, it’s important enough to protect.

No longer will I blindly accept terms and conditions without being fully aware of the possible negative implications.

P.S. – my notes eventually came back and I immediately backed them up