Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

Living in abundance

20140527-061908-22748450.jpgDo you ever feel as though having something new will make your life better? It’s one thing to have a goal and want to acquire something. It’s totally different when that desire is caused by a feeling of lack.

We live in a society where consumerism is encouraged. There’s always something new, different or upgraded that you are goaded to purchase through constant advertisement. We’re encouraged by marketers that we need and deserve whatever they are selling. And as quickly as we complete our purchase, we’re on to the next big thing.

We are bombarded with advertising to the point that some ads become background. We no longer consciously pay attention. It’s in this same manner that we subconsciously forget the goals accomplished previously and take for granted what we’ve become accustomed to having.

A quick activity that always reminds me of a few riches we take for granted

  • Think about three things you have that you wouldn’t give up for all the money in the world
  • Realize not everyone has access to clean drinking water and unrestricted internet access
  • Remember the feeling of accomplishment you felt the last time you achieved a goal

Sometimes you have to take a step back to recognize the riches in your life that you take for granted.


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