Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

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In Peace


As a fan, it is with sadness that I reflect on Dr. Wayne Dyer. Many of the obits published called him a “self-help guru” but his teachings were more life affirming. His focus was on helping others find and live in their true self. He freely and generously shared his message of hope, help and happiness.

Many people disagreed with his teachings. Those people were usually miserable and spent more time trying to prove that being happy is unachievable unless you have something (anything) else. Wayne Dyer taught that it starts from within.  

He touched so many lives that it’s hard to fathom his humble beginnings in an orphanage. His resilience from such a childhood and belief that life is wonderful was infectious. He taught that you have the power to manifest the life based on his own experiences with manifestation. 

For the people who enjoyed his positive messages about life, myself included, we’ve lost a great teacher and free spirit. I’ve listed some of my favorite Wayne Dyer quotes – I recommend visiting your local library and checking out a Wayne Dyer book or audiobook.

  • The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.
  • When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.
  • Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.

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Aging Gracefully


I’m attempting to conquer the art of aging gracefully. I want to be one of those women who are beautiful, happy, healthy and elegant in every phase of their life. You’ve seen that woman, she’s so regal during every phase of her life. I want to be her. Right now I feel like I’m aging comically though which is better than aging clumsily or worse yet, not aging (dead). 

Things happen and I find myself saying “I hate getting old” sometimes with a laugh on a few occasions without… While I truly DON’T hate getting old, the realization that something I previously did with ease is now more difficult.   

I’m forgetting names and losing my train of thought mid-sentence.I find myself coming up with new ways to do things, like taking a cell phone picture to enlarge an image or read the small print. Multiple pairs of reading glasses – a pair at work, a pair in my handbag, a pair by my bed and a pair in the kitchen and a pair in the living room.

I also find myself doing things like keeping my cell phone because it’s comfortable. I’m considering keeping my TV service because I don’t want to learn the channel line up. After all, I still haven’t bothered to learn the channels since my last switch five years ago.   These internal changes aren’t as noticeable to the world though. 

It’s the external changes which I sometimes feel like accelerates the process.  I always believe I’m making my clothing purchases from the Womens departments, yet I find that on occasion my clothes are geared moreso for the younger set.   My clothes may be too fitted or my skirt too short and I wear those gaudy jeans that cost entirely too much because I will never be caught in Mom Jeans.  

The wigs that I wear to constantly change my hairstyle allow me to hide the grey hairs which I’m finding more frequently. My makeup routine which includes anti-aging cremes, moisturizers and blur technology to hide fine lines. I’m fighting gravity to the point that I have decided to get mommy lift. I made that decision after Nicole Murphy mentioned her surgery to fix what she called “tea bags.” 

I want to embrace and cherish the changes and chapters in my life with vigor, laughter and gratitude. But I also want to maintain, I want to look youthful and stay young at heart. I want to regarded like a well kept classic car.  

When I think about it, instead of aging gracefully, my real goal is to age audaciously.