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Wanting to Change

I know many people who say “I want to change…” but I’ve realized that this phrase is used by people who never change. I’m not sure if they don’t know how to change or if they are looking for help with changing but they in effect set themselves up for failure by “wanting” to change. Unfortunately, what often happens is procrastination, fear or complacency sets in preventing the change they wanted from occurring.

Now a person that’s determined to change says “I am” or “I have” – even if they are in the early stages of making a change in their life. They decide on what they really want and take action which is the change. Not minimal action but focused, measurable actions.

A person that makes changes knows that they cannot change other people, they can only change themselves. A person that makes changes in their lives will ask for guidance or advice when they don’t know to do. And a person that changes is usually someone constantly improving their life in some aspect. They often times resolve to change without talking about changing, they just do it.

My friends and family always say they want to change something in their lives. I’m sure you have people in your life who say the same thing. Or are you that person?

Saying “I want to change” indicates intention without conviction. The person that says “I want to change” may take baby steps but never gets past the baby step stage. Until there is resolve – be it to lose weight, find a better job, get out of debt, etc., it’s just talk.

Is there something you want to change, or will change in your life? Remember, to change, you must change – not just “want to change.”


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