Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

The Life Of Your Dreams

Pretty much everything that you have was at one point in time a goal or a dream. Remember when you decided on that special person you wanted to spend your life with, imaging a home, family, trips and the comforts of life.

Were you fortunate enough to achieve these and many more goals and dreams. Do you now take some (or many or ALL) of these things for granted. Have some of your dreams become nightmares? Be honest – its okay.

The purpose of this exercise to make you realize that you are living the life of your dreams but you’ve probably stopped realizing that. Over time we forget to remain grateful for our accomplishments. Many of the things we once dreamt about we now take for granted. We obtain what we want and immediately begin to focus on the next big thing.

Living the life of your dreams means consciously recognizing and appreciating all that is wonderful and special in your life. It means realizing that every moment is a gift to he cherished. It means living in gratitude while understanding you always have the opportunity to live better.

And it means remembering that life is not a dress rehearsal.


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