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The Law Of Attraction – Gone Wrong

When I first began practicing the Law of Attraction (LOA), I focused intently on what I wanted. Unfortunately I focused incorrectly. I received and achieved my desired results but in a manner that came with heartache and initial setbacks. I also had a habit of attracting desired opportunities which I would then run away from in fear. 

My first attempt to bring something outside of my control to fruition was when I wanted to receive an extra $250k, I wanted a different house and a new car. I focused daily on receiving the money in an easy and positive manner so I could obtain what I wanted. Then on June 29, 2012 a tree in my backyard was struck by lightning and fell on my home and three vehicles. Total cost to rebuild my home, temporary housing an replace vehicles – wait for it… $250k.  
I totally scared the bajeevies out of myself. It was too powerful, someone could have been hurt, I spent a year and a half, many sleepless nights and family arguments just to get back to normal. I felt guilty for wanting something that ultimately affected my entire family.  

My thoughts began to scare me because the random negative thought. I would internal battles to minimize and ignore those bad thoughts while focusing on what I actually wanted in a positive way. I would feel uncomfortable and afraid. It felt unnatural and even though I knew the LOA worked from my experience, my brain still refused to go along whole heartedly. It took me 

It took me 2 1/2 years to feel comfortable enough to get back into the saddle. The second time around, I was just focused on checks in the mail, checks in the mail. I just wanted to receive unexpected checks in the mail. Then my son was rear ended on the highway while on his way home from school. Sheesh!! Thankfully he was unharmed but his car was totaled – and that’s when I received those requested checks in the mail. Again, I felt that the LOA was too unpredictable. I didn’t know how to harness the power and I kept taking one step backward before going one step forward.  

That’s when I realized I needed to give something to get something. Every time I had my hand out to receive (attract) something, I never focused on what I could provide of equal or greater value. The Law of Attraction goes hand-in-hand with a Karmic version of Newton’s Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).  

In order for me to receive what I was intending, I had to give something of an equal or greater value of what I want to receive. I’ve read The Secret and every other book on LOA that I could find, but I never picked up on this gem. I only retained that I should focus on what I want and then received mixed results.  
Now I’m back at it with confidence because I’m checking ALL LOA boxes:

 - have faith

 - be happy

 - give generously

 - remain thankful

 - let the universe make it happen

I’m excited and joyful about what today and every new day now brings – isn’t that what life is about?? 

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