Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

Oops I Did It Again

Three days ago I was rambling on about being overcommitted and what did I do? I purchased two tax lien certificates!!  It’s the first time I’ve invested in tax lien certificates so I don’t know what to expect or the resources needed to handle. I was pretty much a nervous wreck because I’m thinking about exit strategies, if this was good idea for me at this time, did I throw my money away, what are my next steps and on and on. 
As if I didn’t have enough things on my plate. I also have a new eBay business, am writing another book, planning family summer vacations, teaching my daughter how to drive, helping my son move into his first rental, on a new diet program and still working a 9-5 job. This list doesn’t include the normal household chores (cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, grocery shopping, etc) to keep my families lives running smoothly.
I don’t know if I somehow enjoy juggling multiple balls in the air at once, always feeling under the or if I’m truly trying to be superwoman. I spread myself so thin that I don’t have any free time. I feel guilty when I do try to relax because I know there are several different things I should be doing at any given moment. I don’t think I’m a glutton for punishment but I’m always somehow or another spreading myself to thin.  
The chaos of always handling everything in a “just in time” manner kept me in a constant state of stress. Yet when I had a lull between projects, I felt like I was missing out or not doing enough. Has our society truly brainwashed us into believing that multitasking is the norm and that having a full calendar means is the requisite for success in life.  
Please don’t ask me how to stop doing this because I honestly don’t know the answer. They say the first step to recovery is acknowledging the problem. 


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