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Embracing Your DZ (Discomfort Zone)

How often do you enter your discomfort zone (DZ)? Being creatures of habit and because we all love feeling comfortable, I would venture to say very rarely. There is nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone but the longer you stay there, you may one day realize everything’s changed in the world but you. The only thing worse than that is being forced to leave your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is a familiar, easy and welcoming (usually) which is exactly why so few people leave on their own. Your COmfort Zone truly is cozy. But spending too much time there means you’re not growing or changing. Over time, it means you are most likely settling – to the point of complacency. That’s no way to live.

Your DZ, on the other hand, is an intimidating place that is always changing (it’s literally a moving target). The DZ is often dreaded. You don’t know what to expect. You’re doing things you’ve never done before and you probably feel anxious and alone.

Everything in your life was new and different at one point and everything you have ever accomplished probably came from going through your DZ. You don’t have to be fearless to enter the DZ but you do have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You have to realize your DZ is always evolving.

Take control by planning to do something that takes you outside of your comfort zone. No matter how small the steps, be empowered by deliberately leaving your comfort zone and learn to embrace your DZ.

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