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Appreciating the Extra

This morning I was so upset with my 16 year old daughter. For the umpteenth time, I explained to her that she needed to give extra to the family. When I say give extra, I mean showing love and appreciation and realizing that she’s receiving extra from her family. Everything she’s given is always beyond her needs. The things she receives beyond necessities are extra but we receiving love and appreciation for the things we’ve given to her. I was tired of always getting attitude and rarely getting gratitude.

I then began to wonder what had I done wrong as a parent to reach this point. My daughter behaved like an entitled mean girl. She rarely did anything for the family unless she wanted something. As soon as she got what she wanted, she went back to sulking.

And that’s when I realized I was the same way as my daughter. I didn’t show gratitude for everything extra I had in my life. I prayed when I wanted something and thanked God when I received it. But after that, I took what I had for granted. My blessings – a loving family, good health, nice home and the ability to do what I enjoy were extra.

I needed to behave in the way that I wanted my daughter to behave. My life is wonderful and I needed to be grateful. The best way for me to teach my daughter to be grateful for the extra in her life was by me showing her the gratitude I have for everything extra in my life.

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