Life is not a dress rehearsal!!


Life is so often taken for granted and so many people (myself included) live for the weekends, or our next vacation, or next year.  We are bombarded daily with negativity so I decided to create the website that I would want to visit.  A site that reminded me and anyone visiting to follow your dreams, sing like no one’s listening, laugh hard, make sure you let the people you love know it, cherish every moment and understand that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I am a wife and mom that realized the days, weeks, months and years were quickly passing by.  My kids were growing up but I felt like I was in the same place.  I thought that I would have time to do what I wanted in life in the future.  The future is always in the future and I needed to live in the now.  I wanted to embrace life and I wanted my family and friends and everybody to embrace life and remember life is not a dress rehearsal.


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